About Us

DOT(DETAILING ON TIME) is a leading & unique rebar service company specialized in detailing, drawing, estimation and construction Established in the year of 2013. We have the expertise and the manpower to detail over 2,500 tons of rebar per month. For last seven years, we have been offering the service in following industry standards which include ASTM, ACI, CRSI, AASHTO, to our clients all over the world. 

We have a highly skilled professional team (Engineers) that produce a complete rebar package(shop drawings, release, bar list, etc). in customized formats & As- built drawings with customer satisfaction.


Our Process & Procedure
Our Principles
  • At DOT, we are working as per the following principles for seamless detailing services.

  • Understanding Project requirements and expected deliverables from the client.

  • Start our work with the best possible solution.

  • We allocate your project to a dedicated project manager who will handle all queries, scope of work and timeframe to increase productivity and decrease errors.

  • We have a quality assurance team, prepares audit report with a marker to make sure all your feedback/comments/corrections would be picked up.

Rebar Detailing

Rebar detailing services is one of the key services offered by DOT. We have extensive experience in generating rebar detailing drawings. These are for the projects of commercial, residential, infrastructure, highway, industrial and WWTP structural projects.

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Rebar Estimation

We give the detailed and most accurate Rebar Estimation. We also give the best pricing per ton with the quality service. Estimate files are made based on the guidelines set by CRSI. Experienced rebar estimators deliver complete services and materials that are required for the project.


We believe that constructing homes is an art and as such we like to think of our business as that of ‘building’ enduring relationships through enduring structures. After being recognized as one of the most reputed developers in Tamilnadu with more than 10 years of construction experience, our customers and the industry has applauded us time and again for our quality of construction and dedication to construction superiority.

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